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Death in the Afternoon

Nov 22, 2022

Hot Take: We’re all afraid of death – whether it’s the actual state of being dead one day, the pain of dying, or how your remains will be treated. Death Positive or not, that anxiety is something that bonds us all – and while it’s scary, it’s important to know you’re not alone. 


Episode Resources

This episode is an audio version of the article “Life, Death, and the Anxiety In-Between” by Louise Hung for The Order of the Good Death. 

What is Death Positive? (

History of the Death Positive Movement ( 

Resources for coping with Death Anxiety (  


Episode Credits:

Narrator and writer Louise Hung 

Produced by the Order of the Good Death,

Sarah Chavez and Lauren Ronaghan

Edited by Alex de Freitas

Music by Kissed Her Little Sister

Podcast artwork by Jessica Peng


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