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Death in the Afternoon

Jan 27, 2023

In a space of loss that is already difficult to exist in, we need to do more to understand how our language surrounding green burial can better acknowledge difficult histories and experiences. 

Episode Resources

This episode is an audio version of the article “Whose Green Burial Is It Anyway?” by Corinne Elicona. 

Green Burial 101

Locate a Green Burial Ground 

So, You Want to Be a Tree When You Die? 

How to Green Your Funeral 

Episode Credits:

Written by Corinne Elicona @CorinneElicona

Narrated by Sarah Chavez 

Produced by the Order of the Good Death,

Sarah Chavez and Lauren Ronaghan

Edited by Alex de Freitas

Music by Kissed Her Little Sister

Podcast artwork by Jessica Peng

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