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Death in the Afternoon

Feb 24, 2023

Go behind the scenes with Cat Warren, who works with cadaver dogs to find the missing dead and locate Black and Indigenous burial grounds. 


Episode Guest

Cat Warren is the author of the NYT bestseller What the Dog Knows, which explores how scent-detection dogs help find the missing and dead, sometimes even those missing for hundreds of years. She currently researches how best to use human remains detection dogs in archaeology and to help locate African-American burial grounds.


Episode Resources

Cat Warren’s Website

What the Dog Knows by Cat Warren 

What Are Cadaver Dogs Teaching Us About History? 

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Episode Credits

Hosted by Caitlin Doughty 

Guest Cat Warren

Produced by the Order of the Good Death,

Sarah Chavez and Lauren Ronaghan

Edited by Alex de Freitas

Music by Kissed Her Little Sister

Podcast artwork by Jessica Peng

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