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Death in the Afternoon

Dec 16, 2022

Where would you even start in opening your own green burial ground? After all, every cemetery is a unique snowflake, with its own confusing blend of regulations. We speak with one expert who will cut through the confusion, and one practitioner who made it all happen. 


Episode Guests

Tanya Marsh, a professor at Wake Forest University School of Law focusing on laws regarding the status, treatment and disposition of human remains.

Sarah Wambold is a writer and funeral director in Austin, TX.


Episode Resources

Green Burial Resources (

Where Can I Find a Green Burial Ground Near Me? (

Campo de Estrellas (


Episode Credits:

Hosted by Caitlin Doughty 

Produced by the Order of the Good Death,

Sarah Chavez and Lauren Ronaghan

Edited by Alex de Freitas

Music by Kissed Her Little Sister

Podcast artwork by Jessica Peng

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